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Sarah Dan Jones: News

Church Session CD on sale at CD baby and ITunes! - July 14, 2014

You can purchase my CD "Church Sessions" at CD baby or Itunes!

Music Director in Plymouth - July 8, 2014

Really excited to take on the role of Music Director at the Unitarian Universalist fellowship (starr king uu fellowship) in Plymouth, NH, after a year of providing musical support for the fellowship. Adult choir, Sunday service music and hopefully, a children's program in the near future!

CD baby debut - April 15, 2013

You can now purchase Church Session album on CD baby. Check out

Back online! - January 11, 2012

Actively working and living in Concord, New Hampshire. Visiting lots of UU churches in the New England area. Happily married (legally!!) and teaching at Strings and Things in Concord.

Life is still good!

SD in New Hampshire - January 10, 2011

Relocated to New England to make music, get into a new UU environment and live my life with my beloved.

Check out Strings and Things link - that is where I will be teaching in Concord, NH.

Also, check out calendar for new dates of UU travels.

Life is great!

MSD UUA Meeting and More - April 30, 2010

Whew. Busy times getting ready for the UUA MidSouth District Meeting May 7-9, 2010 in my home away from home - Dahlonega, GA. Lots of cool stuff on tap. Going to use power point slides for hymns, visuals since we'll be at North Ga. College in the Health and Natural Science Building!

Been in D'town (Dahlonega) for a few weekends a month now, and we're starting to take some shape as to the resources that are there now, have been there a while, and can be developed. I always cite this congregation as a success story for small churches and even after 5 years, they still deliver. I am proud to return there as a part time Music Director.

I'll be there again (after the May rush) again on June 6th with my dear friend, Jaehn Clare for a groovy service on Building ComUUnity through the ARTS! Yeehaw. See yall soon!

New Spring dates! - March 9, 2010

Check out my calendar for an pdate as to my travel schedule through April Returning to Georgia Mountains UUC in Dahlonega at the end of this month and very excited about that! Lots of potential and a bit of grounding with my home congregation. Mom is doing well, and I still visit her in S. Georgia once a month. Lots going on and much to be thankful for.

My Music Mission - February 4, 2010

Been thinking on the idea of recreate/rewriting my mission statement. I still have one for the UU work I do, but maybe I can incorporate my teaching as well. Always a challenge.

Gearing Up for 2010 - January 25, 2010

Setting up my schedule for this new year. Have traveling gigs to different UU churches at least once a month. In between that, visiting with my mom in South Georgia also at least once a month. Living every day - one day at a time - while trying to plan for the future as well.

Happy Holidays - December 8, 2009

At home in Decatur most of this month (unless a trip to mom's is needed) - and will be in South Georgia with family for the Christmas time. Just posted a new link to UU minister and Musician, Mary Grigolia - check it out, yall! Peace.

Busy November - November 22, 2009

Had a great 9 days in New England. Church service in Grafton, MA; great meetings at 25 Beacon Street with the UUA's Music Leader's Credentialing Council, and another weekend of workshop and worship with the Binghampton, NY congregation. Visiting the Athens (GA) UU Fellowship at the end of the month. A visit with my mom in South Georgia in between and a week or so of lessons....Busy month. Good month.

Great trip to Murfreesboror, Tenn. - September 29, 2009

Had a terrific weekend with the Murfreesboro, TN group - two workshops on Saturday at their church retreat, and the Sunday Service. Good singing group, lots of potential, strong family - like community.

The new groove - August 28, 2009

Finding ways to still teach here in Decatur, as well as plan to be with my mom as she needs for some help with her chemo coming up soon. Booking gigs, and WRITING new music.

In Limbo - August 6, 2009

Back in Decatur after a two week trip to the West. One week with my Yellowstone Hens sisters; the other with the UU Musician's Network conference. Now, I head south to Brunswick, GA to be with my mom in her intial rounds of chemo for lung cancer. Career takes a different path - one that unfolds by the moments, instead of the days and weeks. I'm still around!!

Beginning of Summer - May 29, 2009

I am busy scheduling my 20 or so students for lessons this summer, which is great and takes lots of flexibility and planning.

Also been busy working on the upcoming UUA General Assembly, where I'll be 'doing' 5 worship services, singing in the choir and joining my dear friend, John Hubert on the plenary stage for several songs.

On a personal note - just loving the Spring in ATL (now that it has stopped raining) and my new ceiling fans....especially the one on the screened porch.

Day one - May 12, 2009

ok. I'm still working on this, so thanks for visiting. Self promo isn't my strong suit so this is a spiritual practice. Have about another month in the service of Northwest UUC with three more choir Sundays. Working toward the future now.

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